Training & Scholarships

About the scholarship

The NSW Chapter is committed to providing opportunities for our members to develop their skills and passion.

 At our annual Awards for Excellence NAWIC celebrates a trade professional, a university student and a future leader. All three scholarships can be applied for through the awards for excellence – eligibility details are outlined.

NSW also developed an International Women’s Day scholarship – nearly 10 years ago! This scholarship is the most significant financially internationally. The scholarship is awarded to a candidate to further their education and research on the systemic challenges encountered in the industry.  Through this scholarship NAWIC is able to use the new knowledge that is developed to enable a better industry. The fundamental goal of NAWIC’s is to be a positive instrument for change – this scholarship is a critical vehicle to achieve this objective.

It has been so successful this is now a national initiative! Information surrounding this initiative can be found under the IWD scholarship section of our site.

Thanks Cult for your generous and loyal support.

How to apply & further information will be released closer to the next International Women’s Day scholarship launch.