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Following on from NAWIC’s largest and most successful Mentoring Program last year, we are pleased to announce that the NAWIC NSW 2020 Mentoring Program has officially launched and applications are now open for both mentees and mentors.

The program is being generously supported by Laing O'Rourke for the 3nd year and will continue to be facilitated by Annette Gray of Director of Annette Gray Consulting an industry expert in coaching, mentoring and leadership.

About the Program

Running for over 8 years, the program offers individual matches for mentors and mentees based on age, experience and goals rather than similar construction profession. The focus of each mentor/mentee relationship is on personal and professional development rather than technical knowledge. 

Anyone is eligible to join the program as a mentor, male or female, provided they have at least five years' experience in the construction industry.

Mentees must be female NAWIC members of all ages, experience and tenure in the construction industry.

Mentors and mentees come from all aspects of the construction industry and all locations across NSW.

Generally, a mentoring partnership will last between 9-12 months with about 1-2 hours of face-to-face meetings each month although this is upto the individual mentors and mentees to agree what works best for them.

The program is supplemented with events throughout the year where the program participants can expend their networks, learn from one another and benefit from facilitated workshops. Guest speakers are also a feature of the events on topics such as networking and difficult conversations.

Should you have any queries or need any assistance to complete your application please contact the NAWIC NSW Mentor Committee on nsw.mentoring@nawic.com.au

 Applying as a Mentee

Our program operates thanks to volunteers who share their time and experience. For this reason, NAWIC expects a high level of commitment from mentees throughout the year.

We aim to accept circa 40-60 mentee applications, based on the selection process outlined below*.

Selection criteria:

  • Only detailed and complete applications will be considered, the more detail you can include on your application means your mentor can be selected specifically for your needs,
  • Timing of all applications is imperative and we operate based on earlier application given the first priority - the first 40 fully complete applications are guaranteed a spot. 
  • Previous applicants who were not accommodated in the previous year are also considered a priority

Unfortunately we will also not be able to accommodate repeat applicants. However, if it has been 3 years or more (prior to 2017) since you last participated in the NAWIC mentoring program as a mentee, then we will consider your application, subject to the above criteria and availability. 

To apply as a mentee please email a completed Mentee Application , and a copy of your resume to email

The cost of the participation in the Mentoring Program 2020 is $195.00 for Mentees only (there is no cost for Mentors to participate).

Included in this cost are tickets to attend the 5 mentee events during the course of the year which include professional mentor coaching and networking opportunities over drinks and canapés.

In addition, each mentee event will include a free to enter lucky-door prize to win one of five tickets to attend a NAWIC event of your choice with your mentor. 

Some quotes from 2019 Mentees are:

I just wanted to thank you for this program, as a mentee, I found the program so valuable. My role was made redundant at the end of September this year, and it meant my relationship with my mentor changed paths again on the type of guidance I needed. My mentor and I have discussed the program, and what we both got out of it, and it was positive! We will be staying in touch well in to the future. So thank you for this opportunity. I will keep an eye for the next program to perhaps be a mentor myself!”

“I have had an incredibly positive experience and feel like I’ve undergone a MBA, which has had a major impact both personally and professionally. Thank you”

It gives me confidence by changing my perspective on my current situation. As I am new to both Australia and construction industry, I was often anxious that I don’t know the “rule of thumb”, but this quote turns “what I don’t have” to my own strength. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else. “

NOTE: Mentor Program Fee of $195 is refunded if we are unable to match with a suitable mentor.

Program Fee (Pay Here)

Applying as a Mentor

NAWIC truly appreciates that the quality of our mentoring program relies upon the quality of our volunteer Mentors. Whether you are a first-time mentor or have many years of experience, we are able to offer the support of a structured program providing guidance and encouragement throughout the year.

Anyone with at least five years’ experience in the construction industry, male or female, is eligible to mentor. We are always looking for strong mentors, so please do spread the word amongst your peers and colleagues.

NAWIC can offer our volunteer Mentors the following benefits: 

  • Invitation to our Mentoring and Coaching Development Workshop to learn the skills needed to be a good mentor delivered. This workshop will be delivered by our professional mentor coach, Annette Gray;
  • Tickets for 5 mentor program networking events with complementary drinks and canapés.
  • Recognition at the 2020 Awards for Excellence; and
  • A support pack to work through with your mentee

The feedback from our mentors shows the value they receive:

“I often feel guilty that mentors get to take part in the program for free, I feel like I learn just as much if not more than my mentee!”

“The NAWIC mentoring programme is incredibly well organised allowing mentors and mentees alike to reach their potential through mutual experience. The structured nature of the programme has allowed me to be invested in the success of my mentee as well as cultivating my own communication and leadership skills”

“As a male mentor, it’s been so valuable to hear and really understand the challenges that women are really facing in the industry. As a leader, I’ve taken these insights back to my leadership team to help my own organisation be better and stronger with our diversity strategies.”

“I’ve been acting as a mentor for nearly 20 years and the program that NAWIC runs has been the first time I’ve had real training on what is means to be a mentor versus a coach.”

To apply as a Mentor please email a completed Mentor Application Form and a copy of your resume to email

Key Dates for your diary

Date Activity

02 December 2019

Applications open for Mentors and Mentees

03 February 2019

Applications Close

Early February

Successful Applicants notified of further program details

13 February 2020

Mentoring and Coaching Development Workshop for Mentors Only

20 February 2020

Program Launch for Mentors and Mentees

14 May 2020

Mentor Check-in and Mentee Knowledge Share followed by informal catch-up

23 July 2020

Mentor Check-in and Mentee Knowledge Share followed by informal catch-up

 24 September 2020 Mentor Check-in and Mentee Knowledge Share followed by informal catch-up 

19 November 2020

Let’s Celebrate! Wrap-up and Program Conclusion

*Dates subject to finalisation

Annette Gray

Director of Annette Gray Consulting

M. App Sci (Comm Mgt) PCC (ICF) SP (EMCC)



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