Victoria NAWIC Awards COVID Safe Q&A

With the event being held at the Hyatt, where the most recent case was identified in Victoria, what measures have been put in place to protect award attendees?

The Hyatt underwent a deep clean on 30 January following the Tennis quarantine period, and after the Government COVID Floor Marshall, who has contracted the virus was in the building for the last time on the 29th.  Since then, all hotel staff have been tested twice following an enforced quarantine period, all returning negative results.

What steps is NAWIC putting in place to minimise the risk of COVID transmission at the Awards?

The safety of our members and the guests and sponsors attending the NAWIC Vic Awards for Excellence is our number one priority.
To minimise the risk of COVID transmission NAWIC Vic has

    • reduced the number of guests attending the awards in person in line with State Government advice and will live stream the event for members who would like to attend online.

    • a registered NAWIC COVID Safe Plan is available upon request. 

    • Continued to work closely with the Hyatt, meeting daily to assess the current state of events and identify ways to minimise risk to the Award attendees, Hyatt staff and NAWIC committee

    • Will continue to follow the Victorian State Government advice and recommendations

How many people will be attending the awards?
415 attendees will have been confirmed to attend the the NAWIC Awards.  The venue can hold 740 but with restrictions in place, numbers of attendees have been reduced to comply with the Victorian State Government and Hyatt’s COVID Safe requirements.

How will you be tracking attendees?
Companies have pre-registered all attendees’ details. NAWIC Vic has received the names, contact numbers, and email addresses of all attendees from their table host. 
Guest will also be required to check in on arrival using the designated QR codes.

Are guest required to wear masks at the awards?
 As per Victorian Government guidelines, face masks must be worn at indoor spaces apart from eating or drinking. Guest who refuses to wear a mask (unless you have lawful excuses or exceptions for not wearing a face mask) will not be permitted into the event.

What do I do if I show symptoms or test positive to COVID 19 following the event?
We ask that you contact NAWIC Vic immediately.  NAWIC Vic will then contact the event attendees and Hyatt, following the protocol that has been outlined in the COVID Safe plan.

If case number increase, will the Awards night be cancelled?
NAWIC Vic will continue to follow government advice and guidelines on indoor events and gathering. Update to date information is available at   
If the Awards night is required to be cancelled, the NAWIC Vic Council will be contacting attendees/company coordinators to advise.