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Trisha Pabalate

National Admin Coordinator
Trisha, the Administrative Coordinator at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), is a dedicated professional committed to advancing the role of women in the construction industry. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Trisha brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to her role, contributing to the organisation's success. Her keen eye for detail and passion for efficiency ensure the smooth operation of administrative processes. Beyond her professional endeavors, Trisha is deeply committed to community service. In her previous role as Community Outreach Head, she collaborated with various organisations to develop sustainable solutions for underprivileged communities. This experience not only highlights her ability to work collaboratively but also showcases her unwavering dedication to driving positive change. Trisha's outstanding contributions have earned her notable accolades, including the title of Most Outstanding Student in the Field of Student Service and in the Field of Peace and Social Development Advocacy. These achievements serve as a testament to her commitment to making a meaningful impact in both professional and community spheres, embodying the values of excellence and social responsibility.