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Lauren Fahey

General Manager
As a dedicated advocate for diversity, equality, inclusion, and social justice, Lauren is actively working to drive behaviour change and foster a more inclusive world. Currently serving as the General Manager of NAWIC, the peak body for women in construction, Lauren is leading efforts to empower women in the industry and promote gender equality. With a background in designing and delivering award-winning behaviour change programs in the community and education sectors, Lauren has presented to over 50,000 individuals nationwide on topics like inclusion, financial literacy, and digital/online safety. Lauren's passion for equality is deeply personal. As a mum to three daughters, her commitment to creating a fair and inclusive world is not just a job—it's a mission that hits close to home. Balancing her professional life with the joys and challenges of motherhood, Lauren thrives on connecting with new people, sharing stories, and embracing diverse perspectives. She firmly believes that genuine growth and progress come from these meaningful connections. Approaching each opportunity with enthusiasm, Lauren is excited to continue her journey in driving positive change, championing equality, and making a lasting impact on individuals and communities.