NAWIC QLD | Leadership Webinar: Felicity Furey & Millennial


NAWIC QLD | Leadership Webinar

Felicity Furey & Millennial Leadership


Enjoying the corporate ladder? It's time to take the lift.

Being a powerful leader and influencer in your industry today doesn’t always involve getting a PhD, having decades of experience or being appointed a fancy title.

Being a leader today takes the skills and know-how of a millennial leader.

Award winning business leader Felicity Furey will talk about the new world order, number one job of leaders today and how to lead without the leadership title. 


About Felicity Furey

An award-winning business leader, engineer and entrepreneur, Felicity Furey has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’, possible. 

Named Boss Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year and one of AFR’s 100 Women of Influence by age 26, Felicity has led multi-million dollar engineering projects across Australia, founded several successful businesses, Power of Engineering, Machinam and the Professional Leaders Institute, secured partnerships with the likes of Qantas, Toyota and Energy Australia. 

Felicity mentors high-performing teams and equips current and emerging leaders across every industry with the skills they need to make an impact and drive meaningful change.



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6/28/2021 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
E. Australia Standard Time

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