NAWIC is delighted to announce the 2020 International Women’s Day (IWD) Scholarship has been awarded to Sarah Lawlor, Registered Senior Architect at fjmt studio, for her timely and relevant research proposal Is Climate Leadership in the Construction Industry ‘Women’s Business’?

Over the next 10 - 11 months, Sarah will undertake research that will focus on studying and quantifying the representation of women in environmental leadership positions in the construction industry, to ensure women are included and represented in environmental decision-making. Through her research, Sarah will share the work of female environmental leaders with the aim to build awareness of their achievements and to highlight the value of women’s contributions to the climate crisis issue.

Sarah said she was thrilled to be the recipient of the scholarship. “I am incredibly grateful that NAWIC and CULT have provided me the opportunity to explore this nexus of women and environmental leadership in the construction industry.  I am certainly hoping that this research will further NAWIC’s vision for an equitable construction industry in which women fully participate, and lead the way for a sustainable future.  I look forward to reporting back in a years’ time.”