NAWIC Bright Ideas Grant  2020


$20,000 seed funding will be awarded to support a woman, group or partnership to launch a new business venture, programme or idea related to the construction industry.

We know that women are innovative and adaptive. Small business can suit women well as they can choose their own work hours, balance other commitments and be their own leader. Now is the perfect time to support a fresh start or give your fresh idea a ‘leg up’ alongside usual employment.

So you are interested, but what now? It may be just a ‘twinkle in your eye’ idea, NAWIC are here to help you along with a FREE online webinar series. Open to anyone to learn, even if you do not decide to apply for the grant.

You should start by registering for one (or all) of our online webinars now:

Registration opens on 27th August. 

Webinar 01: ‘Assess Your Idea’ 

Know your skills, find an edge, research the market and learn about Alison’s experience of setting up a new boutique tier one construction company in Australia. 

Presented by:  Alison Mirams, CEO, Roberts Pizzarotti

2018 NAWIC NSW Business Women of the Year Award winner

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Webinar 02: ‘Legal Obligations’

Licenses, Registrations and Insurances, what you need to know.*

Presented by:  Cathryn Greville, Head of Legal, Master Builders Association of WA

* Neither NAWIC nor the presenter purport to provide legal advice during this webinar but will discuss general legal obligations around starting a business . Participants should ensure that they obtain their own legal advice when starting their own business or company

Webinar 03: ‘Figure Out Your Finances’

Practical advice for managing your cost structure and revenue streams.**

Presented by:  Louise Stewart, CEO ProjectPAY (Australia & UK)

Entrepreneur, Former Chair of Australian Subcontractors Association and 2018 NAWIC WA Innovation Award Winner

** Neither NAWIC nor the presenter purport to provide financial advice during this webinar but will discuss general financial obligations around starting a business . Participants should ensure that they obtain their own financial advice when starting their own business or company

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Webinar 04: ‘Market Your Business’

Getting your name and skills out there.

Presented by:  Hayley Swift, Director, Swift Brown Fox Pty. Ltd.  Small business owner, Marketing and Communications Strategist in property and construction

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1 x $20,000 grant awarded with state / territory associated workshops targeted to the establishment of small business in the construction industry.

The ‘Bright Ideas’ Grant and associated start up workshops aim to;

  1. Arm women and men in the industry with skills and confidence to start a business of their own.

  2. Award seed funding by way of a grant to a worthy business idea to help it launch.

  3. Provide ongoing in-kind support for the winner for 1 year.

Application Dates and Program:

Deadline Description

Monday 27th August 2020

Registrations open for Webinar Series

Monday 27th August 2020

Grant launched in all Australian states and territories

Friday 04th Sept 2020

1pm AEST

Webinar 01: ‘Assess your Idea’


Friday 25th Sept 2020

1pm AEST

Webinar 02: ‘Legal Obligations’

Thursday 22th Oct 2020

1pm AEST

Webinar 03: ‘Figure Out Your Finances’


Thursday 5th Nov 2020

1pm AEST

Webinar 04: ‘Market Your Business’

Monday 30 Nov 2020

Grant submissions close at 1pm AEST

W/C 7 December 2020

Interview shortlisted candidates

18 December 2020

Grant Winner Announced

  Please send queries and completed form to;

Application Form            


1)    When is it due? Grant submissions close at 1pm AEST, Monday 3oth November. Please email completed application form to;

2)    What do I need to Submit? 2 x page CV, 2 x page business plan and signed declaration, that’s it!  Application form above!

3)    What if I have already launched my idea or if I’m already small business owner ? The proposed business venture must have not commenced trading at time of the submission. If you currently run another business, but this is a new idea and will trade under a different name then that’s ok.

4)    Does this idea have to be for something that’s completely new? No, innovation would be cool, but so would a brave new leap with passion and dedication Ie. A trades person stepping up to establish their own thing.  

5)    Will NAWIC keep my business idea confidential if I don’t win? Yes, only the winner will be promoted by NAWIC in its marketing material. The recipient’s name will be clearly identified.

6)    Can I be in business with a man? Yes, as long as a female is in a key leadership role within the proposed business.

7)    Do I get all the money straight away? Sure do!

8)    Do I have to prove how the money is spent, will NAWIC check in on me? We are keen to keep in touch but don’t want to cramp your style.  The grant recipient must commit to meeting with a nominated NAWIC representative on two occasions during the 12 months following award of the grant to provide updates. A short report will need to be submitted at the conclusion of the first year after grant award describing and providing evidence of how the money was used and how the business venture is going.

9)    What if I can’t fill in all sections of the form? Can I still submit? Do what you can and throw your hat in the ring anyway. You never know if you never have a go!

10)  Do I need to be a NAWIC Member? No, we want to help women even if they are not yet in the construction industry. You get free 12 month membership if you win.

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