International Women's Day Scholarship



NAWIC is thrilled to announce the 2019 International Women’s Day Scholarship has been awarded to Fiona Lamari, Lecturer in Construction Project Management at Queensland University of Technology.

Fiona’s research proposal titled ‘Engagement with Regional School Students through Virtual Construction Site Tour ‐ an Immersive Experience’ aims to promote the exciting and diverse careers in the construction industry to female high school students through virtual reality. Fiona's research will enable students to step onto a construction site and experience a high-rise building being developed. Fiona’s study will also measure the effectiveness of virtual reality as an engagement strategy for regional female high‐school students.

This project will create a Virtual Construction Site (VSC) tour. The VSC tour will offer an immersive virtual experience that can mimic a realistic building construction site. Students will witness the actions, the interactions between people and the diversity the industry has to offer. They can begin exploring and establishing an identity of real professionals within the construction sector. The project will also evaluate whether the immersive experience delivered through a VCS tour can provide aspirations to female high-school students and influence their consideration of a career in construction.