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NAWIC is proud to offer a variety of scholarships throughout the year. The Bright Idea's Grant is valued up to $20,000 and will be awarded to support a woman, group or partnership to launch a new business venture, programme or idea related to the construction industry. 

In 2022 Emma Wallace was selected from a large number of very worthy applicants. This is what Emma has been working over the past 12 months: 

It is crazy to think that around this time last year I had a bit of an idea of something that, then turned in to a full-blown plan after receiving the NAWIC Bright Ideas Grant in 2022. Soon, I will be able to say I am an author and illustrator. What a blast!
The idea I proposed for the NAWIC Bright Ideas Grant in 2022 was to write and illustrate a kids book to inspire and expose primary school aged children (particularly girls) to the breadth of job opportunities available in the construction industry; illustrating a diverse and representative workforce with the ethos “If you can see it, you can be it.”
You can check out some sneak peeks of illustrations and progress of the book by having a look at my Instagram: @emmawallace.designs
Once I had completed my application for the NAWIC Bright Ideas Grant, I was determined to bring this book to life! I really sprang into action last year, researching, brainstorming, and exploring the framework for the story.
Someone mentioned to me that the book should rhyme, which I just thought there was no way that I could do that (I’m trained as an engineer, not a writer) … BUT… I made it rhyme too!
I wrote the manuscript in January, then my attention was on the illustrations and character development. By May this year, I had a solid draft with manuscript and illustrations, with my focus on researching and finding a publisher. This was the most challenging aspect of the process; writing & publishing is completely out of my industry. I leaned on my contacts and asked around A LOT. 
And now I have a publisher! I am working with Hardie Grant Media; it has been such a fun and inspiring process. You can expect to see the book out in the world early 2024. 
I am so excited to share the finished story with everyone. If you are interested in getting a copy and would like to be notified when it is available for purchase, you can go over to my website and sign up to my mailing list.
The Bright Ideas Grant was what enabled me to run with this idea. I would strongly encourage anyone who has a niggling idea in the back of their head to get it down on paper and get it in action by applying for the NAWIC Bright Ideas Grant.

$20,000 seed funding will be awarded to support a woman, group or partnership to launch a new business venture, programme or idea related to the construction industry.
We know that women are innovative and adaptive. Small business can suit women well as they can choose their own work hours, balance other commitments and be their own leader. Now is the perfect time to support a fresh start or give your fresh idea a ‘leg up’ alongside usual employment.

To learn more about the 2023 NAWIC Bright Idea Grant please visit here