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Samantha Woodward is excited to be a member of the National NAWIC Board as a Director. Having joined NAWIC in 2016, Samantha has played an integral part in the NAWIC Victoria Chapter as both President and Strategy Chair. She assisted in directing the council to have a 2-year strategic vision and plan and significantly increased sponsorship attraction and engagement. “My time with NAWIC Victoria was inspiring and stimulating. I have enjoyed that we have embraced the possibilities of working collaboratively as a group. We are focused on raising women's profile in construction and creating the environment through NAWIC, which attracts and supports them in this industry.” Now, as a NAWIC Director, this leadership provides Samantha with an active voice for increased female engagement in the construction industry. She easily aligns herself with the priority of celebrating women, encouraging them to be bold and brave while advocating for tangible industry change. Samantha Woodward is the Founder and Managing Director of THINK SAVVY. She has 20+ years of commercial experience in non-traditional working environments. This Includes the Mining and resources, Construction, Military, Telecommunications, and logistics. She has the expertise and ability in the areas of enterprise risk and technical consulting, together with executive management skills. Samantha has played a significant role in the developments and deployment of HSE solutions capability, supported by her strong capability in the areas of Strategy, Planning, Change Management, Stakeholder engagement and I.T. Samantha values opportunities to bring authenticity and honour to all the work THINK SAVVY undertake as a passionate leader.