Women In Trades

This group is no longer active.

If you have any querries please send us a note to the NAWIC office and put the subject header as “Women in Trades: Victoria/Tasmania” and it will come to us.


We’re all busy working hard out on site so it’s difficult to get together so we keep in touch with each other through our Facebook Page (coming soon) and LinkedIn industry updates. Anyone is welcome to join whether you are a tradie, apprentice or a supporter. This is an informal way to make a few contacts and connect with some like minded people.


Facebook - Women in Trades Page
The Facebook page has been created to communicate with

·         Women who work in a trade,

·         Anyone who knows a woman working in a trade

·         Those who support women who work in trades 

Our primary aim is to support, encourage and promote women in trades.   We hope this will be a place to develop a network for all women in trades. This is a place for discussion and informal advice.  It’s a group that has strong links with the construction industry, education and other support networks.  All welcome, please join us and let others know who may be interested!




Not sure how to get a job or what you should be getting paid?   Want to go out on your own and be your own boss?


Here are some useful links to help you through the industry.






CPSISC - Construction Property Services Industry Council  

Master Builders

Master Plumbers 

Master Bricklayers 


SALT - Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen 


We haven't added all this stuff to the website for you to get stuck and not sure where to turn!  So if you’ve read some info had a look around but still have some questions you’d like answers to.... Why not speak to someone who has already walked a mile in those boots. Contact us by phone or email and if we can’t give you the answers your looking for we’ll make sure someone can. We’re passionate about the industry and are always keen to help.


Send us a note to the NAWIC office and put the subject header as “Women in Trades: Victoria” and it will come to us.