About the Program
The NAWIC NSW Mentoring Program is an annual initiative run for current members. Participant applications are taken in December and January of each year, followed by an official launch in February.
The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to extend women’s networks and provide them with a point of contact in the construction industry from whom they may gain advice or discuss industry and work related issues.

The Mentoring Program is a free service open to all current NAWIC members, current and active since July 2016. 

NAWIC will attempt to match up Mentors and Mentees based on age, experience and goals rather than profession so that the focus of each relationship is on personal and professional development rather than technical knowledge. Once mentors are introduced at the Program Launch it is up to each partnership to make contact and set relationship guidelines with the help of an information pack provided by NAWIC. Generally, a mentoring partnership will last between 9 - 12 months with about 1 - 2 hours of face-to-face meetings each month. In addition to this, the program is supplemented with events throughout the year where the cohort of participants can expand their networks, learn from one another and benefit from facilitated workshops.

Anyone is eligible to join the program as a Mentor, male or female, provided they have at least five years’ experience in the construction industry. Mentees must be female NAWIC members with paid membership, at least 6 months prior to their application. Otherwise participation is open to women of all ages, experience and time in the construction industry.

At any stage during the mentoring relationship, Mentors and Mentees can contact the NSW Mentoring Committee Chair for information or assistance.

Applications for the 2017 Mentoring Program are now open!
Following on from the success of our Mentoring Program last year, we are pleased to announce that the NAWIC NSW Mentoring Program has officially launched and applications are now open for both mentees and mentors wishing to participate in 2017. Our program has again been generously supported by HASSELL and will continue to be facilitated by experts in coaching, mentoring and leadership. 

The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 31 January 2017. See details and links below for the relevant application.
The 2017 Mentoring Program is proudly sponsored by: 


Applying as a Mentee

Our program operates thanks to volunteers who share their time and experience. For this reason, NAWIC expects a high level of commitment from mentees throughout the year. Mentoring relationships last for between 9-12 months as agreed with your mentor. As part of the program you agree to meet with your mentor for 1-2 hours per month. We aim to accept circa 40 mentee applications, based on the selection process outlined below.

The NAWIC program encourages mentees to take responsibility for organising appointments. In addition to this, some set events occur throughout the year as part of the program to which your attendance is strongly encouraged. The opportunity given to you is for personal growth and self-development. Applicants whose purpose is job seeking, business solicitation or solely networking need not apply, out of respect for our Mentors.



A Mentee should:

  • Set out to achieve new skills and knowledge to apply to their career.
  • Seek guidance and advice in their professional development.
  • Be proactive in the relationship.
  • Show ability and desire to learn new skills.
  • Accept responsibility for own development, decisions and actions.
  • Take on new challenges and carry out tasks and projects at agreed times.
  • Accept advice and provide mentor with feedback.
  • Be available and open.
  • Demonstrate her commitment to the relationship.

Selection criteria:

  • Only detailed and complete applications will be considered.
  • Timing of all applications is given the first priority – the first 40* fully complete applications are guaranteed a spot.
  • Previous applicants who were not accommodated in the previous year are also considered a priority.
  • The detail provided determines the strength of your application and helps us match your needs with the best possible mentor and will be used to help determine acceptance into the program. 

*Due to the high level of interest that the program has attracted, please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Where we have more than 40 applicants, depending on mentor availability, we will consider and match up to 50 applications. Sadly, we will also not be able to accommodate repeat applicants. However, if it has been 3 years or more (prior to 2014) since you last participated in the NAWIC mentoring program as a mentee, then we will consider your application, subject to the above criteria and availability.

To apply as a mentee please follow the link: Mentee Application, email a copy of your CV to assist with the matching process and add the dates in the Calendar below to your diary.

Applying as a Mentor

NAWIC appreciate that the quality of our mentoring program relies upon the quality of our volunteer Mentors. Anyone with at least five years’ experience in the construction industry, male or female, is eligible to mentor. We require a range of mentors with a variety of skills from all sectors of our industry, to match with mentees who are still studying through to those with 20+ years experience. 

Whether you are a first-time mentor or have many years of experience, we are able to offer the support of a structured program providing guidance and encouragement throughout the year, thanks to the continued sponsorship by HASSELL. We are always looking for strong mentors, so please do spread the word amongst your peers and colleagues.

NAWIC can offer our volunteer Mentors the following benefits: 


  • Recognition at the 2017 Awards for Excellence
  • Invitation to our Mentoring and Coaching Development Workshop, as well as a mid-year check-in
  • A support pack to work through with your mentee
  • A complimentary ticket to the NAWIC Christmas party/Back-to-Work Drinks - NAWIC’s ‘thank-you’ for participating.

The feedback from our mentors shows the value they receive:

“I’m ready to sign-up for another year, I feel like I learn just as much if not more than my mentee!”

“As a male mentor, it’s been so valuable to hear and really understand the challenges that women are really facing in the industry. As a leader, I’ve taken these insights back to my leadership team to help my own organisation be better and stronger with our diversity strategies.”

“I’ve been acting as a mentor for nearly 20 years and the program that NAWIC runs has been the first time I’ve had real training on what is means to be a mentor versus a coach.”

We also ask that our mentors provide a complete and detailed application providing any additional expertise or insights they can offer, as this information is invaluable during our matching process. 

To apply as a Mentor please click here: Mentor Application and email a copy of your CV to assist with the matching process and add the dates in the Calendar below to your diary.


 Mentor Program Calendar of Events 2017

 DecemberJanuary Wednesday 21st December – Applications Open
Tuesday 31 January – Applications Close
 February Tuesday 21st  – Workshop for Mentors 3pm-6pm
Tuesday 28th – Program Launch for Mentors and Mentees 6pm
 March Participants begin monthly mentoring sessions

Wednesday 19th – Mentor Check-in and Mentee Knowledge Share followed by informal catch-up

 August Our Mentors are recognised at the Awards for Excellence

Tuesday 14th – Breakfast Wrap-up and Program Conclusion