International Women's Day Scholarship

Submissions for the NAWIC IWD Scholarship – now open!

The scholarship enables research to identify key challenges and opportunities our industry currently faces. The research is imperative in identifying positive pathways for our industry, community and members to thrive.

NAWIC is excited to launch the 2017 IWD scholarship. The most significant scholarship for a female professional in the property and construction industry.

We wish to acknowledge and thank our generous sponsor who have sponsored the scholarship for nine years.

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NAWIC 2017 IWD Scholarship Application Process

NAWIC 2017 IWD Scholarship Application Form

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Past IWD Scholarship Winners


2016: Natalie Galea

"Shifting the gender imbalance in construction: building industry specific responses"

The research proposal aims to step aside from gender diversity responses that are individual or generic in focus; rather, it seeks to turn the stoplight on the taken‐for‐granted practices operating within construction, to understand how these might produce gendered effects that impair women’s career enjoyment and success in construction.

The research objective is two pronged:
1. It aims to untangle, and subsequently highlight the systematic barriers to women construction professional’s recruitment, retention and progression; and
2. In relation to possible rectification; what construction specific responses are needed to address the sector’s gender imbalance?

2015:  Lauren Kajewski 

Increasing the Pipeline of Women to Property & Construction : The Importance of School Based Engagement


2014: Michaela Sheahan

Melbourne-based researcher, Michaela Sheahan, was awarded the 2014 NAWIC IWD Scholarship.  Her report which won her the award WalkTalkWork, was very insightful. Ms Sheahan’s research will investigate “Care, Connectivity, Collaboration: Urban design for interaction in hospital precincts – an international perspective.” The judges were impressed with the scope of Ms Sheahan’s research, which intends to examine how leading hospital precincts in the world are designing connections within and between institutions to enable collaboration, innovation and activity. 

2013: Rana Abboud

Sydney-based architect Rana Abboud, was awarded the scholarship to investigate how architects can apply Augmented Reality to facilitate better design, construction and maintenance.
“The scholarship has allowed me to meet with cutting-edge researchers globally, and connect with industry professionals in Australia who share an interest in Augmented Reality. Through it, I have gained new contacts, new ideas, and new experiences that will feed back into my future work. The scholarship has increased my profile within my practice, and allowed me to pursue a research interest that would otherwise have proven difficult,” Rana says.

Architecture in an Age of Augmented Reality: AR’s Affordances for Design Visualisation, Construction Supervision and Post-Completion Maintenance


2012: Laila Mehrpour

Laila Mehrpour, Development Manager at Lend Lease, undertook research on the viability of high density urban planning for Sydney, and whether the ‘Copenhagenisation’ of Sydney was a feasible part of the city’s development future.

Download The Great Australian Dream: Density and Aspirations in Sydney: A global assessment of the relevance of aspirations in influencing spatial planning in cities.

2011: Natalie Myatt

Regional Asset Manager at Stockland, Natalie Myatt aimed to provide the Australian construction industry with a set of guidelines to help implement social sustainability policies.

The Challenge: Linking Social Sustainability and Financial Value

2010: Melonie Bayl-Smith

Sydney architect Melonie Bayl-Smith investigated whether changes in foundational and continuing education in building technologies has resulted in distinct disparities between learning opportunities offered by architectural schools across Australia.

Download BuildAbility: the future of construction education

2009: Ruth Kestermann

Ruth Kestermann, Senior Consultant at ARUP, aimed to generate ideas on how the industry can improve both the physical and social sustainability of new affordable housing developments.  

Download The Sustainability of Affordable Housing in Australia –Lessons Learnt from Studies in Brazil

2009: Fiona Shewring

Painter and decorator Fiona Shewring travelled to the United States to conduct research into the avenues and support mechanisms for women to enter non-traditional trades.

Download The Future's Rosie: Initiatives and Pathways for Tradeswomen in the United States of America - an Australian Perspective

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