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If you are interested in being a member of the NAWIC WA Chapter Council or joining one of the Chapter Committees then we would love to hear from you!  Please Email NAWIC WA.

You can also join us on the
NAWIC WA Facebook Page!

The NAWIC Western Australian Chapter Council for 2016/17 comprises the following members:

Adrienne Parker President
Alex Young - Events Member
Amber Hong - Secretary
Amna Omerhodzic - Events Member
Emma Cundale  - Awards Member
Ena Catovic - Mentoring Co-Chair
Hayley Cassidy - Director
Jacqui Preshaw - Awards Chair
Jen Keane Events - Member
Jenny Campell - Treasurer
Jenny Fraser - Events Chair
Kate Morrow - Events Member
Katie O'Driscoll - Mentoring Co-Chair
Kylee Schoonens - Education Member
Melissa Koo - Events Member, Marking / Communications Member
Miriam D'Souza - Vice President, Awards Member
Nadia Rullo - Membership Chair, Events Member
Rebecca Carrick - Education Member
Renee Hauville - Marketing / Communications Chair, Events Member
Yvette Blake - Education Chair, Membership Member