2016 CEO Shadow Program


NAWIC ACT are thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural 2016 CEO Shadow Program to the ACT.

The CEO Shadow Program is an exciting and unique opportunity open to NAWIC members who aspire to become an industry leader.  The aim of this program is to demystify the role of the CEO and inspire more women to keep striving for appointment to senior leadership positions.  The CEOs who have agreed to participate are passionate about giving back to the construction industry and increasing the participation of women in the local construction industry

The program involves shadowing a current industry leader and watching them in action for a full day, providing a real and genuine reflection of the role.  We are now seeking 6 mentees or ‘shadows’ who would make the most of this opportunity, if you are interested or know someone who would benefit, please apply online.  


Program Information

Applicants must be a current NAWIC member

Download Program Information 

For further information please email actpresident@nawic.com.au